Mega orifice plate stated in India as a showpiece

Micro Precision Products (a WIKA Group company) is now able to showcase another great achievement. The biggest orifice plate ever manufactured in India, up to now, was produced in Palwal. The order was placed by one of the largest EPC companies on the subcontinent. The mega orifice plate was finally commissioned in Bathinda in hawaii … Read more

WEF declares strong well being protocols for WEFTEC

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has introduced details of the health and safety measures that shall be in place for these attending WEFTEC 2021, which is taking place in Chicago from 16–20 October.Every particular person who participates in WEFTEC 2021 shall be required to comply with the next protocols:Provide proof they are both totally vaccinated … Read more

Sensor integration – notes on mechanics and EMC

When integrating pressure sensors and pressure sensor modules, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to mechanics and EMC protection:MechanicsDepending on the installation situation and intended use of the sensor module, its design will differ; for example, due to the required IP ingress protection, moisture protection, desired thread or clamp … Read more

Positive material identification test (PMI)

The positive material identification test – PMI test – serves as a proof of the alloying constituents present in the material, confirming the melting analysis of the material contained in the 3.1 certificate.There are two different test procedures common for thermowells:PMI test: X-ray fluorescence analysis of the thermowell stem1. PMI test: X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)X-ray … Read more

Wanner pledges to scale back power consumption

Wanner International has introduced that it could possibly cut back the entire power usage by as a lot as a half for some industries that rely heavily on pumps for their processes, focusing on the significance of reducing vitality consumption in the wake of COP26. ไดอะแฟรม says it could scale back the whole energy utilization … Read more

WIKA Poland?s calling ? and all are coming

WIKA Poland can look back on a century of company history. In เพรสเชอร์เกจ and entrepreneur Ignacy Ciechurski established a measurement technology company in Wloclawek. Since the staff has played an excellent role in the business?s success, the subsidiary wished to thank them for his or her commitment and organized a grand family picnic. More than … Read more

Pressure switches in booster pumps

The invention of the pump itself was a significant breakthrough for mankind. It significantly simplified the supply of normal water. With growing demands for a stable water supply, largely clear of pressure fluctuations, and at exactly the same time increasing demands on the power efficiency of buildings, pumps are actually making their contribution as booster … Read more

The advantages of an AME pump

A. Rigid Shaft Support Traditionally, plastic chemical pumps both have a single sided shaft support or only use plastic for a double-ended shaft support. pressure gauge with that is that beneath excessive temperature or pressure, the shaft assist weakens leading to shaft deflection and subsequently vibrations leading increased put on and lowered service life. The … Read more

Integration of a pressure sensor element – error compensation of signal for zero point and span

The installation of a sensor element or a corresponding assembly has the advantage that very compact dimensions are possible. However, some points need to be taken into account, which are an additional effort for the customer compared to using a fully adjusted sensor with an amplified output signal.For example, for each sensor, the zero point … Read more

Shock resistance of pressure sensors

In many pressure sensor applications, short-duration, high, impact loading occurs – this is referred to as shock. Shock resistance defines up to what level of acceleration the instrument can withstand the shock loading without being damaged in any way.The loading that acts during the shock is specified as a multiple of the acceleration due to … Read more