SEKO’s KommBox revolutionizes chemical dosing pump control and value administration

เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา dosing pump specialist SEKO has announced the launch of KommBox, a device that physically hyperlinks to appropriate SEKO merchandise to permit them to hook up with the web and give operators the power to remotely monitor and control their course of.
Once KommBox is configured, customers can connect with merchandise such as controllers and chemical dosing pump methods through the net SekoWeb portal 24/7 through smartphone or PC for unprecedented operational effectivity.
This on-demand remote connectivity means operators can monitor system performance and chemical consumption in actual time as properly as analyze historic data so as to get a clear picture of their costs and make programming changes without the need to be on website.
Controlled via a seven-key consumer interface, KommBox features an intuitive wizard set up system that permits quick and simple administration of as a lot as 10 gadgets in the identical wired Modbus RS485 network.
The robust system has an IP65-rated housing for the very best degree of safety in opposition to mud and excellent resistance to water jets, making it suitable for most industrial environments.

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